Update 4 Dec 2021

Update 4 Dec 2021

An important announcement (copy-cat device), Certifications and Packaging updates.
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Hi Everyone,


We have been made aware that there is a copy-cat device that is being mistaken for xScreen.  
Please read the linked memo outlining our position. 
Thanks everyone for supporting us! 

Production Updates 


All certifications have passed, we are awaiting the final paperwork next week.

Packaging and Manual 

Had a few updates to the packaging to include the updated cover image and ensure logos are up the correct way as the box is opened. We are almost 100% happy, almost.
Also had the first user guide sample printed.

Production Samples

The production samples are due in Morpho on Tuesday this week and will hope to receive them ASAP. We are so close to the production run!
Thanks everyone, have a great week.
UPspec Gaming Team

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