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The xScreen™ is designed specifically for the Xbox Series S and will not work with other consoles.

The Xbox Series X, with its larger size and weight, do not provide the same portability factor that the Xbox Series S has.

When we were looking for a panel to support the xScreen™, we needed to consider:

1. Form factor. 11.6" was the largest size we could use to match the size of the Xbox Series S. Currently, there are only 1080@60hz panels manufactured. That, of course may change in the future.

2. All components' power usage, including the panel, must support the USB power limits. The brighter the screen, the higher the power drawn. The xScreen™ has a brightness of 350 nits.

The xScreen™ was designed to be a sleek integrated cableless USB-powered screen that matches the Xbox Series S, transforming the Xbox Series S into a portable gaming system. xScreen™ had to be easy to attach/remove to allow you to connect to your large TV when at home.

We had to make design choices to meet these requirements for the product to function.

 We have spent many hours “testing” the xScreen™ at home, in the car and even on the plane. We loved every minute. We think you will too.

The Ethernet Port is not available when the xScreen™ is attached.

xScreen™ was designed with mobility in mind and ease of use. Only a single power cable is required when the xScreen™ is attached.

We all need that extra memory capacity on the Xbox Series S! We designed the xScreen™ so that the storage expansion port is accessible while the xScreen™ is attached.

While the xScreen™ is attached, the rear USB ports are unavailable (one is used to power the xScreen™).

There is still a USB port available on the front of the Xbox.

One of our prototypes had an “HDR” panel, but this was not true HDR as it did not meet any of the HDR standards:(https://displayhdr.org/).

Real HDR support requires an HDR-enabled screen controller and panel with a peak luminance of 400 cd/m2, resulting in a high power draw.

The xScreen™ was designed not to require any cables; as such, we are limited to the power that USB can provide; based on this, we cannot support HDR.

None of the 11.6” panels available today have VRR support.

We have not experienced any graphics tearing, most likely down to games on Xbox Series S having native support of 60fps.

Based on this, we do not believe VRR will provide benefits on the Xbox Series S with an xScreen™.

However, if you have a 120hz panel, VRR would be a great benefit.