Update 27 Nov 2021

Update 27 Nov 2021

Certifications and packaging updates, plus a cool discovery!
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Hi Everyone,

Production Updates


Good news, the first two certifications have passed, EMC and FCC! We are awaiting the ROHS certification and the final copy of the CE certificates. Once we have all the certificates, we can proceed with the manufacturing of the circuit boards.


We have made a slight change to the imagine on the packaging as we had the prototype image and had too much focus on the Xbox. Below is the updated image we will be using for the box cover.

Mass Production

We are expecting to receive the final production samples within the next two weeks. On the basis that these samples meet our expectations, we should be in a position start to mass production of the xScreen in 3-4 weeks.


Cool discovery!

Our case doubles as an awesome makeshift knee table for gaming anywhere! ?


Thanks everyone, have a great week.

Upspec Gaming Team

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