Update 14 Nov 2021

Update 14 Nov 2021

Initial look at the xScreen packaging and the xScreen in action on a flight to New York.
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Hi Everyone,


Production Updates

While certification is underway, we have been working on the production packaging and user guides. We are very happy with the look and style of the packaging, check out the first pictures below!
xScreen Packaging
There is a minor change we want to make to the front of the xScreen packaging, just a note to say that the Xbox Series S is NOT included ?

✈ xScreen in action ✈

One very lucky member of the UPspec Gaming team has finally escaped Sydney for their first international flight in 2 years . Here are a few pictures of xScreen in action, playing the Witcher 3 on the way to New York. ???

Thanks everyone, have a great week.
Upspec Gaming Team

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