Fulfillment Update

Fulfillment Update

Pre-orders have shipped!
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Hi All,

We have shipped all pre-orders and are now actively shipping new orders. Thank you to everyone for your patience with the pre-orders.

There are some outstanding fulfillment items we are currently working on:

1. Shipping box for xScreen Case

If you want an xScreen case by itself, the shipping box that will fit this is oversized. This is causing the shipping cost of the xScreen Case by itself to be expensive.

We have requested quotes for a custom shipping box that will be right-sized to the case to reduce shipping costs.

2. International Orders

We only have a limited amount of international locations available at present. This week we have onboarding sessions with our new partner for International orders. 

We hope to have International orders available within the next two weeks.

3. Stock Availability

We have limited stock available today. However, a more considerable amount of stock is due in August. 


Have a great week!

UPspec Gaming Team

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